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We've got a new website. 

We are a community sharing each other's knowledge in an informal and fun way. 

If you think this is a cool thing, we would love for you to take part🖖

What is Curry?

A community marketplace for passionate individuals

A marketplace 

Curry is a community marketplace which allows curious, altruistic and passionate individuals to have a 1:1 learning experience by the means of a virtual currency. 

community, informal, network, knowledge

A community 

Learning is informal, which makes Curry not only a network for knowledge exchange, but also a place to meet up with interesting people who want to share their passions.

not-for-profit, social, business

A social business

Our mission is to connect people to facilitate a not-for-profit transfer of knowledge, allowing money-poor, time-rich users to develop their skills while sharing something they are passionate about.

How does Curry work?

Learning is informal

Learn It. 

Get one-on-one access to tutors with a wide range of expertise. 

Spend Curries. 

Passsion is the only requirement

Teach It.

Share your own passions with other interested individuals. 

Earn Curries. 

how do i get started?

How do I get started?

1. Sign-up on the new website 

2. Engage with the community!

3. What do you want to teach?

Available skills

The beauty of the Curry platform is its simplicity and versatility, making imagination the only limit to what students can offer and take. 

The average adult spends 10 hours a week on informal learning practices. We offer structure to enhance the experience.



Spice up your life! Use Curry.